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STARK Stainless Steel RO Membrane Housing
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[Stainless Steel Membrane Housing] Product Overview Stainless steel membrane shell 4040/8040, high-pressure resistance, preferential price, factory direct delivery the stainless-steel membrane shell is the basic part of the sub-osmosis system. The material is made of 304 stainless steel seamless pipe. The stainless-steel membrane shell has 2.4 inches, 4 inches, 8 inches, and other sizes. The commonly used model of stainless-steel membrane shells is 4040. The first 40 is the membrane shell 4 inches in diameter and the second 40 is 40 inches in length.

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Guangdong Stark Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd.
Dongguan, China
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Brand Stark
Material SUS304 stainless steel
Specifications 1 pack/2 packs/3 packs/4 packs
Withstand pressure 2.0~:2.5MPA/2.0~:4.0MPA
Water inlet method water inlet at both ends, water inlet on both sides
Features high pressure resistance, long life

Features of stainless-steel membrane housing:
The stainless steel membrane shell is mainly made of 304 stainless steel seamless pipes. The sealing methods include: clamp type, flange type, and built-in type; the inside and outside of the product are polished, beautiful, and practical, and the operating pressure meets the normal operating pressure requirements of the reverse osmosis system.
Stainless steel membrane shell 4040: Both ends are sealed with ABS head and silicone O-ring, with high sealing performance and long service life;
Stainless steel membrane shell 8040: separate ferrule type, end cover type, the main advantages are strong pressure resistance, high airtightness, and clear and convenient installation.

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