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Water treatment plant RO membrane filter cartridge elements
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Reverse osmosis membranes are divided into household membranes, special-shaped membranes, industrial general-purpose membranes, seawater desalination membranes, anti-oxidation membranes, and anti-pollution membranes.

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The reverse osmosis membrane is the core element of the pure water machine. The principle is that under the action of higher than the osmotic pressure of the solution, other substances cannot pass through the semi-permeable membrane to remove these substances and moisture. 

The reverse osmosis membrane can intercept substances larger than 0.0001 microns and is the most refined membrane separation product. It can effectively intercept all dissolved salts and organic substances with a molecular weight greater than 100 while allowing water molecules to pass through.

Average desalination rate 92-99.5%
Average permeation flux GPD(m³/d) 50-10500
Testing operating pressure psi (MPa) 50-225

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