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STARK Large Ultraviolet sterilizer
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Ultraviolet sterilizer (UV sterilizer) refers to a device that uses an ultraviolet mercury lamp as a light source and uses 253.7nm ultraviolet rays radiated by mercury vapor in the lamp tube as the main spectral line to sterilize drinking water (abbreviated as sterilizer)

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If it is drinking water, the ultraviolet sterilizer is safe and will not adversely affect the human body due to the excessive amount of medicine Compared with the ozone sterilizer the ultraviolet sterilizer has the advantages of low energy consumption, no large mixer, no fishy smell, etc., which not only has a good look and feel but also reduces operating costs.

Bulb power 0.6Kw
Design pressure 8bar
Total power 1.32Kw
Input voltage 380VAC
Size 1215 240 * * 319mm

Application of UV Sterilizer:
* UV sterilization equipment can be used for water disinfection of hospitals, laboratories, highly pathogenic wastewater.
* It can be used for cooling water disinfection in biochemical pharmaceutical and cosmetic production.
* It can be used for disinfection of swimming pools, water entertainment facilities, seawater, freshwater nurseries, aquariums, etc.
* Can be used for water disinfection in the food processing industry.

Ultraviolet sterilizers have the characteristics of no dead ends, good light conditions, low energy consumption, flexible and convenient installation and disassembly of equipment, and no secondary pollution. Compared with chlorine sterilization. Ultraviolet sterilizers do not need to add chemicals. no secondary pollution, and no secondary pollution. The mixing equipment greatly reduces the operating cost of the equipment. 

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