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Aqua Turbo® AER-GD Fixed Low-Speed Surface Aerator
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The Aqua Turbo® AER-GD is a low-speed surface aerator that has been specifically designed for fixed mounting to allow impeller immersion to vary in accordance with flow and associated oxygen demand.

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Aquasystems International N.V. SFA enviro
Halle, Belgium
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Aerator type Mechanical aerators
Installation Dry fixed
Aeration gas Air
Maximum motor output (kW) 160

Applications of  Surface Aerator

  1. Ideal for oxidation ditches
  2. Activated-sludge systems with baffles
  3. Aerobic digestion processes
  4. Unscreened plants

Features Of Surface Aerator: 
  1. High oxygen transfer
  2. Intensive mixing
  3. Easy access
  4. Robust design

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