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MIX-SL fixed or floating Directional Mixers
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Aquasystems International N.V. SFA enviro
Halle, Belgium
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Multi-purpose, multi-directional, submerged mixer ideal for general mixing and flow generation; adaptable to many tank configurations. Open, dual helical impeller providing intensive; directional sub-surface mixing pattern with minimal surface disturbance and low power-to-volume performance
COMPONENTS of Directional Mixers
  1. 1.5 – 22KW Drive Motors
  2. 4 + 6-Pole Speeds, Direct Drive
  3. AISI 304/316 or other SS
OPTIONS of Directional Mixers
  1. Rail, floor, float mounted options
  2. Variable operating angle 0 – 180°
  3. One x Submerged Drive
  4. Fixed or variable Water Levels

Applications of directional mixers
  • Directional mixing and flow generation
  • General mixing of lagoons, basins, and tanks
  • Activated sludge processes
  • Denitrification and SBR

ADVANTAGES of  directional mixers
  1. Submersible motor – Ip 68 protection
  2. High-quality, low-maintenance motor
  3. Robust + compact design – minimal vibration
  4. Easy installation + removal
  5. Directional mixing + flow generation plus general mixing of lagoons
  6. Basins + tanks activated sludge processes very large surface area reservoirs
  7. Denitrification + sbr + asp

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