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AQUA DECANT® Floating Decanters (Gravity/Pump discharge)
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AQUA DECANT® floating decanters have four options to choose from, either gravity or pump discharge:
Gravity Discharge:

AD GRAVITY Floating Weir + Permanently Open + Gravity Discharge
AD-MC/GRAVITY Floating Weir + Mechanically Closing + Gravity Discharge
Pump Discharge:
1-AD PUMP Floating Weir + Permanently Open + Pump Discharge
2-AD-MC/PUMP Floating Weir + Mechanically Closing + Pump Discharge
3-Discharges subsurface laminar layer of clean water without disturbing the sludge blanket or floatables. Gravity and pump options are available with mechanical actuation to close the weir during aeration and mixing phases preventing wastewater or activated sludge entering the discharge pipe.

Applications of Floating Decanter
  1. Sequential Batch Reactors
  2. Sludge settling tanks
  3. Sludge thickeners
  4. General decanting

Features  of Floating Decanter

  1. Minimal sludge blanket disruption
  2. Adjustable flow
  3. Avoids the discharge of floatables
  4. Simple design + installation

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