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About Us

Who are we?
Global Water Mart works as a global e-commerce marketplace among companies with a B2B system, allowing sellers and suppliers from all around the globe to offer services and products in the field of water technology through the website, and allowing buyers to browse services and products of the sellers and contact them via the contact details available on each seller's page.
The website is concerned in transferring knowledge, technology and experience in the field of water technology, so we are working to connect the buyer and the seller easily, whatever the country of the parties, as we provide a flexible online system that allows everyone to search for his trade through the website.
The website was founded under the supervision of cadres who are specialized in the field of delivery service to ensure its quality and a high level of satisfaction for both the buyer and the seller.
The website is available in English language.
Global Water Mart provides knowledge Hub and a magazine. The knowledge Hub includes thousands of books and references related to water science and engineering.
The magazine is concerned with publishing everything related to the water field and covering the latest technologies and news around the globe.
Global Water Mart is looking forward to be the first website in the world which is specialized as an e-commerce marketplace in the field of water technology, by having a large base of suppliers and sellers around the globe and connecting them with buyers wishing to get the services and products of water technology, whatever the country of the parties.
Which is deeply related to the field of water through the free information center.
  • Credibility and honesty.
  • Quality and commitment.
  • Sincerity in providing work.
Why Global Water Mart?
Global Water Mart website will give you many features that make it your first choice when you order our available online Services, since:
  • We give you the opportunity to keep your confidential information if you wish to disclose confidential information to the service provider, as you always communicate outside the website and therefore we will not keep any copies of your private messages.
  • It's not obligatory to have a deal with the first seller with whom you connected and you have the choice to deal with another one until you find what you want exactly. 
In order to enhance trust and credibility in our services, we provide you with our company data and contact details:
Company Information
Trade Name: Global Water Mart
License No: 1084447 (Dubai Economy)
Dubai Chamber Membership No: 411177
Commercial Registration No: 842913
Legal Type: Limited Liability Company - Single Owner (LLC-SO)
City: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates
Important Notice: The knowledge Hub contains more than (8000) files, all files are verified open source files, we have written the references as possible, however if you found any file has copyrights, please contact us via WhatsApp (+201030360799) to remove it immediately, also you can send any file to upload and we will write your data in the references.
Contact Us
You can contact us through:
WhatsApp: (+201030360799)
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